trying again

Today I was greeted by a dead cellphone. Aaack.

But I really need help from you guys to spread my Indiegogo campaign, please.

I am trying to raise money for mats and frames for the annual Cazenovia Art Trail. I am way new at crowdfunding. Have had a lot of comments by people with no followers as to how I can help by sending them money!


is my link. We are way broke and I was juried into this show. If anyone has suggestions or even is able to contribute, I have some perks up. Thank you all for all of your comments, likes and shares.

Another painting peek


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    • you know, last night at our watercolor soc. meeting, one of the best artists said he’s not framing anything, just matting and shrink sealing for the studio art trail. That’s what convinced me to do the same. Thanks for the compliments. I like your sense of color.

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