Red hot tulip watercolor

I shared this one on Facebook the other day and got lots of positive responses, so I’m doing it again. We need more positives now. The world is a mess, all colors, sizes and political practices. We are so polarized in this country that I am sad.

So I stop political rants, yes, again and post or share only art, music and things which feed us.

Ergo, Peace on the day after. Thanks. More to come.

Today I have to rant. Then I’ll go paint

I’m so pissed off about Donald John Trump–AKA the yapping yam–that I am going to repost this spectacularly well-writ piece by Keith Olbermann. All of the attributions are there, the way journalists were taught to use them. As a former journalist–now artist, blogger and ranter–I just cannot stand it anymore! Even an exclamation point!
Wake up, America. Trump is a danger to us all.
Now I need bourbon.
Go watch Broadcast News for the late great Albert Finley. After you watch this video by Keith Olbermann

Work in progress

Celebrating the colors, heat and humidity of Florida. I’ve survived eight months now, including the h0ttest month ever. The natives tell me I will make it. 

Color here is just so HERE. From living in upstate NY and wearing black, seeing gray skies and loving it there to here has been a culture shock. I love, love the hot food, always fresh produce, the choices, and even the nightly fireworks sounds from, I think, Disney. 

We accidentally got caught in the come-hither-purple Disney web the other day. Moving toward the gates, I screamed “No, no no!” But thankfully a worker there told us how to get out. It is a machine, Disney. People like zombies in the heat waiting in line to pay too much money. Enough.

Here’s a work in progress for today.


From the Keys, from the Keys, from the beautiful Keys

We took a complicated road trip last week, involving Key West. Good. And Jeep engine gone. Not good. I got to swim in the ocean and romp with our dog in the ocean. My sweetie and I cooked yellowfin tuna, drank iced coffee and beer.

I painted some, but those are for a later post.

Here is a Key West sunset

Heard it sizzle into the ocean.

A week way south (the Everglades and the Keys, w00t)

This week has been full of adventure: a dead Jeep (being repaired); our first RV trip with Charlie (below) our beloved rescue dog. Charlie is almost as hardheaded as James Michael Pensinger, my first and now last sweetheart.

Charlie goes south. Our handsome rescue dog.

James Michael Pensinger, my beloved, driving our RV down to the Keys. Just because.

A work in progress of a beauty in the Everglades

The old bridge to the Keys, from the seven mile bridge. Whoopeee 

The view from our windshield on Sugarloaf Key. This is a seven-acre saltwater lake.

Now I go out to the day. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. Watercolors await.


This week

Hello reader,

I have gotten my life back together, am divorced and happily living in Florida (!) with my first–and now last–sweetheart, Michael Pensinger. Even entered Watercolor Artist annual competition. I was a finalist in 2014, so I’m gonna brag, just a little and post it here. 

Watercolor painting is interesting down here. I paint outside our home on wheels (RV) and sometimes need to take paintings inside to dry. Humidity is a factor. Anyway, that’s all for today with my 2014 painting:

Feeder fodder for the birds, donated to the children’s center for an auction fundraiser. 

For your critique

This is a quartersheet watercolor, taken into Paper53 to add the orange. I can’t decide if I want to add the orange in real paint. Any observations are welcome. I think this painting has something to do with the heat and humidity here in Florida where I live. The colors here and the stretching blue skies are whelming, maybe overwhelming at first. It rains every afternoon lately so we get all kinds of sky shows.

Thanks, as always. Martha Keim (-used-to-be-St.-Louis)

Now that they are hung …

I am happy to have donated five 4″ by 4″ inch watercolors to the Just Add Water exhibit at the Kirkland Art Gallery in tiny Clinton, NY. The hook for me was Golden QoR watercolors. Participating artists were given QoR sample packs and paper. Great fun to be splashing and flinging on small sheets. Thanks to Linda Bigness for inviting me.

And here they are:

They are only $20 apiece. All proceeds go to KAC.

Thanks for looking.

Martha Keim (-used-to-be St. Louis)


Zestful from my friend in North Cyprus.



I was talking about my life yesterday, since it’s coming up to twenty years since I got fibromyalgia and a damaged spine, and I commented that – despite the challenges – I’d managed to lead a zestful life.

Then I was reminded of a section in Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” which I re-read recently, and how she was trying to work out what word described herself.

I know I’m a fully paid-up member of the Awkward Squad, I’m eccentric, I’m unconventional and I can drive people quite around the twist because I’m stubborn and opinionated. And yes, I’ve had some ups and downs in life, but I’ve always enjoyed life and gone at it full tilt.

So the light went off in my head – yes, my word is “zestful”.

The next question is, of course …… what’s your word?

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Air show redux

Here are some pics from the air show, Sun n’ Fun, in Lakeland, Florida. Unique to me is the range of true airplane zealots I met. Ages range to ancient from young and hopping. And hoping. The first photo is me ready for my first flight in a light sport plane. I’m in love.

Next is my long morning shadow, inspired by my friend, Bro Brian Zampier (ABZ)

The third on is the wonderful man who rescued me from NY and abuse. He’s in love with this neon green beaut.


Sun n’ Fun, new to me

Something entirely new and foreign happened to me this week. I found myself at an enormous (10,000 people) fly-in at the Lakeland County, FL airport. Met home-built pilots, vintage plane pilots, lots and lots of veterans of three or four wars, young soldiers, Royal Air Force cadets from Canada. All had everything from teeny teeny planes to enormous jets. All were airplane zealots (junkies). And everyone was happy talk with me and anyone who listened.

It was a friendly, laid-back group, no thievery among pilots. Saw aerial acrobatics, blue Angels, precision teams and more. There is airplane noise from about 6 a.m. To long past dark. Yup, ready for some quiet. Laughed till my jaws ached. We camped in an live oak grove of trees with a mixture of tents, motor coaches, pull-behind campers. Showers nearby. All of the comforts of home.

I hitched my first ride and will post pix next week when we have wifi again. Thanks for reading.

The newly-minted airplane junkie.

Life is weird

And then you die. I am actually better than I sound.Have escaped an abusive marriage, in process.

I saw my first Gulf sunset. One off my bucket list.

Next, airplanes and drawing. The colors where I live are remarkable. Blues, reds, roses, peaches, apples and cherry trees in bloom, flowers I haven’t even learned yet. I have painted some while recovering. Thanks to everyone who has hung with me.


2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 40 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Wild Wednesday … Quail Sentry

He does exquisite work


quail, California Valley Quail, pen and ink, pen, ink, drawing, wildlife California Valley Quail on sentry duty.  Pen and Ink.

It’s tough being a prey item. California valley quail deal with this fact of life by having a sentry to watch over the covey. He’s not much for defending the covey, but will sound a pretty good alarm.

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The weather is becoming an issue

Even in here in our snow globe in the woods.

The bad part
Yesterday, one of our cats horked all over all my pants.

The good part
But then I got to go paint with my Tuesday painters group AND (shameless plug here) submit two big watercolors for the Cazenovia, NY Winterfest.


The bad part
I just strolled into my studio to find water coming through the ceiling onto a pile of watercolor paintings.

The good part.
It’s fixed and this one is there at the Cazenovia Public Library!
Reception Thursday 4-6


Ink splotches with coffee


This my best effort today, fooling around with my beloved fountain pens and ink on some plate finish paper. I like this design so it may become a grownup painting. This sketch is just 4″ by 4″ or so.

Life is better than it has been. PTSD in a loved one is a constant balancing act.

The end for today

Saturday blue, but I had a b/w assignment

An old friend has challenged me to a week of black and white.
Black, night.
White, snow

So I painted with a wonderful Pilot refillable brush pen and coffee because I had coffee.


Then I removed the color.


Indian summer, one day here…


I painted this watercolor outside Tuesday and had a lot of fun. Monday and Tuesday morning had been difficult.

I complete abandoned any thoughts, images….
Never mind. I turned my hurting brain off and painted. The result is completely non-objective.

My brain hurts now.

painted hickory leaves redux

nice enough this morning to get out the door just as the sun went in, but that counts too.

Golden Qor watercolor and Golden high flow acrylics. I hope they dry shiny. On Arches 140lb paper.

Sunday edition shows more drying and nice shiny leaves of acrylic paint.


Tomorrow is the last time, promise

Tomorrow is the second and last chance for you to see the Cazenovia Art Trail! I am having a real nice time with some artists I know and meeting some new ones. I am hurting a little less so am psyched for tomorrow.

One more peek


A little digital painting like one I did paint in watercolor. Only available online at a site not yet determined to use.

Good night, all.