Martha Keim-St. Louis is a watercolorist, colorist, iPad painter, word game addict, liberal, reader, writer. curiouser and curiouser. I see rainbowsimage

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  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Martha. I hope you have found lots to entertain you and perhaps made some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for some time check it out again! Good luck with your lovely blog. Regards Thom.

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  2. I’m writing as a follow-up to thank you for re-blogging my post from last week. Turns out, another visitor re-posted on Facebook. Between the two of you, readership for that blog spiked way beyond anything I’d experienced before.

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  3. Hi, you popped into my blog and I came to return the visit. Looking around a few pages I see you don’t have a ‘like’ button. I don’t know if that’s intentional or an oversight. Just that I may very well like something without needing to comment. Excuse if it’s intentional. I know some people prefer it that way.x

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  4. Hi Martha,
    You visited me which is how I found you. I am intrigued, looks like your are artist and writer (consider joining my group on She Writes: Artists Who Write) but also had trouble finding my way around. Do you mostly post your own or other’s paintings? Are you suffering from a chronic illness or is that someone else (I can sympathize.)

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