Work in progress

Celebrating the colors, heat and humidity of Florida. I’ve survived eight months now, including the h0ttest month ever. The natives tell me I will make it. 

Color here is just so HERE. From living in upstate NY and wearing black, seeing gray skies and loving it there to here has been a culture shock. I love, love the hot food, always fresh produce, the choices, and even the nightly fireworks sounds from, I think, Disney. 

We accidentally got caught in the come-hither-purple Disney web the other day. Moving toward the gates, I screamed “No, no no!” But thankfully a worker there told us how to get out. It is a machine, Disney. People like zombies in the heat waiting in line to pay too much money. Enough.

Here’s a work in progress for today.


2 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. We have a ton in common – I moved to FL in Nov. 2015 – and it’s 9 months for me. I also have extreme culture shock coming from PA (close to NY, I went to school in NY and worked in NYC too). I’m in the Bay area. Anywho, we’re doing this thing called transplant. And isn’t it great for our art? Love your fireworks!

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