The weather is becoming an issue

Even in here in our snow globe in the woods.

The bad part
Yesterday, one of our cats horked all over all my pants.

The good part
But then I got to go paint with my Tuesday painters group AND (shameless plug here) submit two big watercolors for the Cazenovia, NY Winterfest.


The bad part
I just strolled into my studio to find water coming through the ceiling onto a pile of watercolor paintings.

The good part.
It’s fixed and this one is there at the Cazenovia Public Library!
Reception Thursday 4-6


Still here

Rough couple weeks here. Our 1992 Chevy blew its power steering pump, thankfully at a good time. We got home. A couple rides from our best friends and Dana (my personal hero and spouse) was able to fix it.

My hero spouse saved Christmas. We missed a Solstice party, but celebrated that day here with venison stew I had made for the party.

I kicked myself into the studio and painted. While wet below


I was working on Yupo, a plastic paper like surface. The color floats.

Second day photo when dry. It certainly followed its own paths


Tomorrow is the last time, promise

Tomorrow is the second and last chance for you to see the Cazenovia Art Trail! I am having a real nice time with some artists I know and meeting some new ones. I am hurting a little less so am psyched for tomorrow.

One more peek


A little digital painting like one I did paint in watercolor. Only available online at a site not yet determined to use.

Good night, all.

Cazenovia Art Trail, part one

I had a great time yesterday at the Cazenovia Art Trail, Cazenovia, NY.

We had a roomful of all kinds of painters. Put our stuff all around the beautiful community room. the Art Trail folk had done a great job with maps, locations, pics of our work.

I learned that small sells very well in this economy. sold a bunch of watercolor postcards in little bags. well, they are water colors…

Here’s one, and thanks to friends who drove from far away just to see me. Gee whiz….


this one still needs work, but it’s colorful!

Sorry for repost. FB Link did not work

one more fall treat

this is a little Golden QoR watercolor on Yupo. QoR is the most saturated pigment I have ever used. On Yupo, which is plastic paper, color goes wild. This one will be on Redbubble and Café Press, along with a bunch of others.

I’ll have cards, mugs, all kinds of stuff available. They print, they ship. You get art in the mail. I hope everyone will be patient until next week. Until then, today’s treat.


See you Saturday in Cazenovia, NY library, and thanks for reading.

Tuesday painters’ day

Hi there. I have been struggling with pain and getting ready for the Cazenovia Art Trail, starting this Saturday, 4 October and next, October 11 at the library in Cazenovia, NY.

Thankfully, my galoot husband Dana has organized my studio by kind. Then he pulled all the paintings from all over the place onto our studio table. We sorted by size, and then I made three piles from each size: finished, more work needed, and paint over.

All we have to do is bag em and tag em. Most of my watercolors are painted from edge to edge meaning they sometimes get mounted. Whew.

Painting is the easy part!

today’s peek


trying again

Today I was greeted by a dead cellphone. Aaack.

But I really need help from you guys to spread my Indiegogo campaign, please.

I am trying to raise money for mats and frames for the annual Cazenovia Art Trail. I am way new at crowdfunding. Have had a lot of comments by people with no followers as to how I can help by sending them money!


is my link. We are way broke and I was juried into this show. If anyone has suggestions or even is able to contribute, I have some perks up. Thank you all for all of your comments, likes and shares.

Another painting peek


hello from chilly ny

Hello, it’s been a long time. Very serious family emergency.

But I am Baa-a-ck

And in need of advice. I was juried into the second annual Cazenovia Art Trail. It happens on October 4 and 11 and I will be in the Cazenovia Library with three other terrific artists: Toloa Perry, Drayton Jones and Rick Marchant.

My problem is cash to mat and/or frame my paintings. I have plenty of paintings. Do any of you know which crowd-funding source would be best?

Indiegogo has been suggested.

Here is a peek


saturday morning

A little later: caffeinated, medicated, in less pain, thanks. And thanks for reading my rant. I always get over it, usually without so much yapping.

And I did not make another art opening. Fucking pain. Anyway it’s here, for sale, 30 by 22 inches. Two months, coffee, watercolor, other fun stuff, charcoal. Please buy? I am whining. Will stop now. Cheers everyone.

Here’s one done in North Carolina