Endorsement of Medical Marijuana by President of Colombia

this is something which will end the drug “war.” Please read it for me and for all of the others for whom marijuana is a life saver. Literally


Legalize MarijuanaRecently, Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia endorsed newly introduced legislation which will legalize marijuana for therapeutic and medicinal in this drug war afflicted Andean nation.

Santos, who is a proponent of rethinking prohibitionist drug rules, made an announcement at a policy forum in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. This was his first major statement of drug policy since he won re-election. Santos further added that a governing coalition senator introduced a bill last month, which is a compassionate and practical measure for reducing the anxiety and pain of patients having terminal illnesses, however, also a way to begin to strip the role of intermediary from the criminal’s hands between the substance and the patient that enables them for relieving their suffering.

Uruguay has approved to legalize marijuana and the justice minister of Jamaica announced in June plans to legalize marijuana for medical and religious purposes and decriminalize the ownership…

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