I’m Paid Up You Buncha Blood Suckers!

He’s at it again. Funny guy. Enjoy.

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying


You can see my blog again….Lucky you!

No help from the WordPress Nazi’s that suck cash out of you like grimy leeches for CSS crap that never works right and takes a Masters degree in Computer Science to understand, unfortunately I only have an associates…

So, now that y’all are back where you belong, worshipping at my feet and doing whatever it is that peasents do, you can go back and make sure that you haven’t missed anything important over my last few posts.

You know you want to you buncha needy perverts….

But, I understand your plights….

I would worship me against my own will, too.

Now, a quick poem:

Ode to Diabetes and my Pancreas in a Dr. Suess tilt                        :Image

I cannot eat sugar
I cannot eat rice
I cannot drink soda
Or chew something…

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