fermenting friday: green chili relish

great idea, thanks. I love Hatch chilies!

erin rae art

if i took one thing away from my years in the high desert of new mexico it is a life long love affair with green chilies.

i must admit that i’m continually disappointed here in alaska with the selection and quality of the chilies. a lack of dry and heat and everything else that makes chilies happy is surely to blame.

i eat them anyways.

IMG_2128it’s not that they taste bad, they just don’t have any kick.

green chili relish


4 large green chilies

1 jalapeno

2 tsp salt

a jar

some water


cut everything into little pieces (except the salt which should already be in really little pieces)

put it in the jar

fill with the water.

shake it like a maraca. you can do a little dance too, it might help.

leave the jar on the counter until it’s nice and funky!

eat a lot.

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