I want to thank everyone who reads about my adventures. My husband has PTSD has the result of a career-ending work accident. I have been researching help and trying to live with him at the same time. He wants a divorce, but plans to stay for another year.

Living with a person with major depression and PTSD is juggling all the time. He has tried suicide, raged at me and others, spent several periods on a psych ward. The key thing, which I recently learned on the VA website is that I never know who I will wake up to.

The thing is I know it is a disease and that I love him. We have been married 30 years. He was injured and suffers pain daily. I am at the end of my own stress rope. Finally started seeing my own doctors to take care of me.   

He loves me and says so daily. We are broke, but I have a gallery asking after me, and I am trying to figure out how to upload images to an online shop which sells cards, etc. I paint every day.

Thanks for reading. If you are full of ideas or want to buy a piece, please ask. 


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