Sketching With Friends

Haven’t sketched en plein air much with iPad. But I will


Gwen, her husband Phil, and their granddaughter Maya came into the city for some catching up, sketching and lunch. The plan was to walk down Nassau Street but we were all a bit taken aback by how ordinary it has become. While Gwen, Phil and Maya went into TJ Max’s (see what I mean by ordinary?) for some emergency sneakers, Benedicte, Shirley and I spotted an interesting sculpture in a space walled in by a variety of buildings.

The large sculpture is “Group Of Four Trees” created by Jean Dubuffet and I deemed it too complex to attempt so I concentrated on the older buildings just beyond it to the right. That’s what I’m drawing in the photo below but both Benedicte and Gwen were braver and did their versions. Benedicte even managed to also get the buildings in.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Sketch Club and ArtRage

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