Day 825: Seeing the light

My thoughts exactly. Large stinky men in costume scare me too. I wish I had written this. 🙂

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, I expected to see the rain, because of the weather report. Not uncommonly around here, the weather report was wrong and, instead, I saw the light.

Yesterday, I forgot my cell phone when I went out into the light to meet my childhood-through-present-day friend Barbara for brunch, so no photos of that wonderful meeting will see the light.

During my time with Barbara yesterday, we talked about many things — from the light to the heavy — including:

  • memories from our childhood,
  • medical issues,
  • coping strategies,
  • many people we’ve loved over the years,  including our parents,
  • this blog,
  • how to do better accepting the light of other people’s praise and positive feedback, and
  • vacation getaways, including this one:


I told Barbara how, during some dark days I was having last week, that video of the Underwater Room in Africa had lightened my mood.

Talking to Barbara for hours yesterday…

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