A longtime journalism teacher, or person and back in the day when I was a working journalist and he was PR, a pain in the ass. I respect his work and his little publishing company.

Just a couple of things

Are you where you thought you would be
as the old year dwindles down?
Have you told the ones who matter
why you’re keeping them around?

Did you do the one big thing this year
you never thought you’d do?
Does that one unshared, unspoken dream
still hang around for you?

Is there something in the New Year
you will do, although you’re scared?
Can you list a bunch of ‘maybe’s
that you’re waiting to be dared?

Are there pieces to your puzzle
you’ve found lying all about
that match in color, shape and size
the empty spaces of your doubt?

The ball is sure to drop soon,
so I hope you’ll see your way
to getting to the business
still undone on this ‘last’ day.

It’s frightening to think of doing
things you’re not sure how,
but worse to meet back here next year
with the same list you…

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