Medical Marijuana Patients are NOT a bunch of fakers

Not my writing. Cannabis Patients Alliance

Cannabis Patients Alliance

Medical MarijuanaI’m really tired of hearing about all the “fake patients” with medical marijuana licenses in Colorado.

When recreational stores opened on January 1, 2014, some people believed that patients would happily leave their medical marijuana behind and switch to paying higher prices for recreational weed. Marijuana is marijuana, right?

There’s been lots of speculation about why the numbers on the medical marijuana registry have stayed flat, neither increasing nor decreasing.

Who’s to blame?

They blame all the people they think are staying on the registry just to avoid taxes. They can’t say how many of them there are or how much tax revenue they’ve lost. They just know they aren’t getting every dime they think they deserve, all because medical marijuana patients don’t have to pay all the high taxes that the recreational consumer does. But the reality for patients who choose cannabis is that all of their medicine is…

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