Anguish, Cherished

Way interesting kick in the ass. Thanks.

audrey lexington

Depression, Rage, Humiliation, Shame, Desire

These are all emotions that most people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars trying to fix or hide from. Some go to shrinks. Some attempt to suppress their feelings with binges on food, alcohol, drugs, and even sex. And for some, the spiritual guru is the ultimate tool leading to their salvation.

I, too, have throughout my 33 years used every single one of the vices/remedies listed above to at the very least conceal my issues. Unfortunately, cupcakes, vodka, and random quotes on how to be a spiritual person have never helped. In my experience, they only lead to shame and ultimately humiliation.

No outside influence that I have found can demolish the ineradicable shell of pain that has taken up residence inside my heart and essence. I recently wrote a poem called Beauty, Hidden. It’s about how I sit and dream of writing…

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