Refuse to accept ‘No’ from corporate giants — it can work

The good guy won this time!

Jim McKeever

Happy endings are hard to come by in dealing with big business, but here’s one to share. It didn’t come easily, but it was worth it — to the tune of hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars.

Target1I had been fully prepared to blast Target in this space if it wouldn’t send me a simple one-paragraph letter on company letterhead. But someone at corporate headquarters saw the light and did the right thing.

Target had initially refused to send me a letter verifying that on a certain date I added my domestic partner as an authorized user on my credit card. We needed this as a proof of status to add Michelle to my health insurance policy. Target’s refusal would have delayed this and forced her to continue paying monthly premiums on another policy.

Several weeks of phone calls and e-mails finally resulted in a letter granting my request. I was pleasantly surprised, to say…

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