Reefer Madness

Her stories are fascinating

The Burn Town Diaries

We met in the hospital smoking area; as the ambulance and fire trucks rolled in to drop a patient off he looked wistfully at the men in uniform and sighed, “I love firemen.” I laughed and replied I did also. He was HIV positive and asymptomatic. I was 18 weeks pregnant with stage 3 cervical cancer I told him as we sat waiting for our significant others to pick us up from this exciting round of Who’s Your Doctor. Every week it was the same; a new doctor to give your history to, a new treatment, a new pain med. Knowing time is short, we became fast friends. He came to my house after I lost my son and seeing the bottle of liquid morphine on my nightstand asked if I had ever smoked weed. It helped with the pain and didn’t have the side effects morphine did. You mean…

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