Why No Debate on Lojong

ram dass laughing got me laughing. thanks, I needed that

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“In this weekly commentary on the lojong, I am not open to the feed becoming
a debate for people to nitpick Buddhism or my interpretations of Buddhist concepts.
(There are lots of places for debates.)  I am more interested in hearing about
YOUR life or how it affected you or your practice awakening in some manner.”

This is the note I have at the end of my pages on lojong.

I have had some emails about why I say this.

I think I need to be very clear why I say this, for those of you who have never
seen simplistic zennies argue over points endlessly.  There is a long tradition of
debate in Zen circles.  While it is interesting if that is what you are after, I want this lojong offering to be personal.  I find that Buddhist debates are rarely personal.
I find that the greatest…

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