I’m here to gasp about a really long trailer

can’t wait for the review

Mark Bialczak

My Movie News blog over at the Syracuse New Times site this week takes a minute or two to discuss a topic that’s without a doubt a sore point.

The long movie trailer. Too much. Much much too much.

I found two stories about a trailer that runs 72 minutes.

It’s for a movie titled “Ambiance,” an artsy thing, if you will, a blockbuster, the whole darn block, a city, a country …

Anyway, this movie, due to come out in 2020, will be 720 hours long. Which I suppose makes the trailer kind of, well, puny.

Also coming up in this week’s installment of the blog over there, is my take on the word that Disney is going to take Dumbo into the realm of their animation to real-life.

And they’ve hired Ehren Kruger, who wrote the “Transformer” franchise, to take the elephant from 1941 to today. I say…

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