An old school hat at the golf league

you need to be seen in that hat

Mark Bialczak

Blogamous Maxamus. (Photo by Bird) Blogamous Maxamus. (Photo by Bird)

Bird got a birdie after a gorgeous iron tee shot on a par three as I was back to my informal little formal golf league at Northern Pines in Cicero, N.Y., last night.

He narrowly missed a second namesake. He was in a very good mood as the five of us filed into the clubhouse. He spied this hat sitting on a table, declared me old school and stuck it on my head.

Laughing, Bird told me to make sure I captioned said photo with the new golf league nickname he gave me last night, Blogamous Maxamous. I tried to get him to tweak it to Blogamous Markamous, but he would have none of that.

And so now I have a golf league nickname along with Bird, DJ, Morelli and Commish.

I had two pars last night after missing last week for that super week…

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