Racism And Me 3: After

part two from the honest guy

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

If you haven’t read yesterdays post here’s the link:

Racism And Me 2: Prejudice

You might want to read it first before this one…..Continuity, back story and all that jazz.

So, after the adrenaline settled down and the asshole left the restaurant, it took about 10 minutes for everything and everybody to mellow out and get back to the business of breakfast….

I didn’t say anything further to the group of Amish, they said nothing to me.download (43)

I wasn’t looking for thanks or a pat on the back.

Besides, I think that those Amish fellows had plenty of righteouness to throw down if it came to that.

When I got thru with my breakfast I left my tip and headed for the potty.

Truck stop food does that to a guy….

In one hole and out the other in less than five minutes.

No need in wasting energy with digestive…

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