Murder On The Beach

crazy times writ well

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

Another mass murder…..Senseless Evil

I can’t believe this, I was just in Santa Barbara last week…..

More kids murdered because of a poor, mistreated, misunderstood boy.

Poor baby….downloadeyes

Poor, dead crazy bastard!

There is no way to stop them.

Identify them…?

Uh, yeah….

They always go on YouTube or Facebook and tell everybody what, when and how they’re going to ‘punish’ their tormenters.

I wonder what the UCSB detectives are going thru today….

They were the ones who interviewed the killer and reported him as basically “No threat”

I can’t even imagine what they are experiencing.

To know that I was the officer that interviewed the kid and walked away….

That’s real life man….

The kind of stuff that only happens to other people or on TV.

“This can’t be happening to me” they say to themselves or their families…download19

“This can’t be happening…not here.”

Then, yesterday, in their…

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