Artist Needed

young fellow wants free art. Not from me, but maybe someone else?

Rambling Words

This seems to be the biggest challenge facing an aspiring comic book writer – locating an artist to illustrate your work who is available, and whose style suits both your tastes and writing/genre. There seems to be a few avenues I’ve located so far (Digital Webbing and PencilJack mainly) where artist and writers can hook up. But a lot of these artists ask for payment before they’ll agree to be part of the creative process. For a new creator like myself, this seems a fairly risky. Basically, I’d be paying for something that, in all likelihood, won’t be published. For me, at the place I am in my writing career, is simply too much give for not enough return.

What, or who, I’d like to meet would be an aspiring artist for was willing to have a look at my material and see what they can make out of it…

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