Five Times Stephen Colbert Made Us Glad He Exists

great homage to Stephen Colbert

The Popcorn Scoop


I can’t say I was thrilled when I heard Stephen Colbert was taking over for Letterman next year. Not that I minded (The Popcorn Scoop recommends: “It doesn’t actively appall me!”) but I’m finding it really hard to muster up any kind of enthusiasm about this. My reservations are the ones many people have brought up – first, obviously, the diversity question, because it’s just so absurd at this point. Now, I have heard and I appreciate the argument that the only people experienced enough to take this kind of high-profile position are middle-aged white men (though I’d like to introduce you to my friend Ellen or, hell, if you really want to play this game, Oprah), but it’s still disappointing. I do, however, understand that CBS must make every decision with the understanding that ninety percent of their audience would rise up (very slowly, but still) and rebel at…

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