Family Time: Doin’ Mom A Solid

He’s ba a ack.

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

“Why are you crying?” Sara asked a weeping Ben as she walked into the kitchen.onions1

Ben was blinking his eyes hard.

His mouth was opening and closing with the exact timing of each blink….

His hands were lying flat on the counter straddling a large pile of chopped up onions.

He said “They tried to get away …I….I…I had to kill them”

Sara snorted….then pointed out….

“You have to rinse the onions in hot water so that they won’t make your eyes water goofy” Sara said as she walked past him to the fridge and opened
it, looking for….something….

He jabbed the knife at her back with quick ninja strokes and stuck his tongue out at her…

When she turned back to him, he was standing there spreading the onions around with the knife in one hand, licking his lips and wiping his eyes with the other.

He wasn’t doing…

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