The Dying Rain

moved me too, thanks trez

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

I read this great post: Perfect Ending To A Day

It touched me….

It’s amazing how things can move you….isn’t it?
The rain began to patter on the window that looked out over my best friend’s small garden.

I was holding her frail hand, the one with her “green thumb”.

I smile at this…

She always giggled when she told me that she could kill a plastic plant…

But now her eyes were closed, her breath labored.

….. today was a good day for her.

She may have been asleep but her fingers gripped mine as hard as she could squeeze.

I could barely tell I was holding her hand at all as weak as she was.

It’s so painful to imagine strength draining away from the strongest person you have ever known.
….sand in an hourglass.

I laced my fingers thru hers, gripping them a little harder, tracing the…

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