Skype Security – Bah, humbug!

think I just should. No idea about Skype stalking


I don’t normally mix and match my blogs but for Skype I will make a dirty great exception to this rule.  I am re-printing here (somewhat out of context, but hey! let’s have some adventure here) a post I did on my art blog:

about my interaction today with Skype today.  I am a heat-seeking missile seeing revenge for getting the runaround and enduring stupid, condescending conversations which are completely dead-end. It happens so often when you’re dealing with huge, impersonal corporations and this is my little attempt at revenge! And to add insult to injury, as I began getting this post organised, I got ANOTHER unsolicited Skype call!

“Yet again something different from me today and this is personal – I have today conducted the most stupid, frustrating, dead-end conversation with Skype and today’s image reflects my absolutely cheesed off feeling about the organisation’s security and its condescending…

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