Of All The Things He Took From Me


Fish Of Gold

He took my ability to sleep when he pulled me out of bed through the window by my ankle and dragged me into the woods. As a fully grown adult, I still cannot sleep next to a window on the first floor. I cannot sleep near an open window. I hug walls. I instinctively curl up into a fetal position, trying to keep my legs out of his reach. I still have the same nightmares I had then; the nightmares really happened. Sleep is when we are most vulnerable. He took advantage of that vulnerability. He took my sleep.

He took my security. He took away the concept that when you are in your family’s home in your own bed, you are safe. Nowhere was safe. Nowhere is safe. There is no place on earth that arm cannot reach, even if it only exists in my fears now. I never…

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5 thoughts on “Of All The Things He Took From Me

  1. Wow…scary.
    My form excuse!
    I am reading your posts but I can’t prove it.
    I am fighting with my WordPress thingee because none of my likes are going thru on anything!
    I get the little pop-up box but no content or acknowledgement of success.
    I am in Michigan now, just north of Detroit.
    I have a lot of free time today and will spend it visiting most everyone’s blogs.
    I am in farm country, BFE, and there are lots of geese and some turkeys too.
    I hope this comment goes thru….
    P.S What do you mean “He might make you mad!?” ; p


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