Homage to Spring

I think I may be her doppelgänger?


This digital art veered into a Homage to Spring after I started working on a photo I took of a fig tree coming into leaf at a restaurant where we celebrated the 37th anniversary on Wednesday of when my husband and I  met and fell in love at first sight.  The eatery was lovely, right beside a small beach and the Mediterranean sea, with the fig tree stretching over our table to I took the photo with the branches silhouetted against a bright, blue sky.

However, then I added an image of a yellow dahlia with light pouring through it, and it suddenly reminded me of how we brighten up in Spring – it’s such a cheerful time of the year after the cold of winter with snow or rain depending on where you live. Here in North Cyprus, we came across a bush full of orange-brown butterflies, the sparrows…

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