Friday Funny

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Unload and Unwind

Well we’ve passed another week here in the land of blog and what an action packed one it’s been.  The Weekend Challenge is coming up and I’m really looking forward to reading the submissions of all those who wish to participate.  Remember to include the URL from the Weekend Funny Challenge to create a ping-back when you write your post.  Last weekend was a little more fraught than usual, what with the whole Cyclone dilemma and my desperate attempts not to retreat under the bed to safety.  As a result I’m hoping this weekend can be more fun than fraught.

So come on, fess up, what makes you laugh, giggle, chortle or snort with glee.  Hmmm, really I want to know and it will be fun after all laughter isn’t a sin [or is it] and on that note let me get the ball rolling with this weekends first funny.

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