Why Blogging Is A Form Of Therapy!

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Why Blogging Is A Form Of Therapy!

” I saw sea shells on the sea shore Saturday with Shirley ”

Say this sentence 5 times , very quickly.

The reason you confuse words after 3-4 tries is because of something called “Word Formation Distraction”. It makes repeating a sentence very difficult because of the different subject matter and the order the brain must retrieve each section in.
Much like WFD, blogging can be challenging. Actually blogging is very cerebral, regardless of the topic. It requires much thinking and discerning, consideration of the audience or the author, and most of all for me, the actual process of technical parts of creating, maintaining and staying on top of a blog. I wish I could just write what I am thinking and there it is, but the truth is there is so much more to it, as you all are well aware.
Therapy is applied in many different forms…

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