It is Time to Legalize Marijuana

another one hoping to end prohibition

Views from the First Coast

Don’t Bogart that joint my friend, pass it on over to me. That song was very popular when I was young and it was an accurate statement about my life. Unlike President Clinton, I did inhale and quite often. Smoking a joint was part of my daily life. I write about this today because I heard a discussion on the radio that officials are finally realize it may be smarter to offer treatment rather prison for non-violent drug offenders. Well halleluiah and praise God.

Funny, I learned to smoke pot in Catholic School. That is why I brought up God. I went to all-boys Catholic High School in North Jersey with about 800 students from 1971 to 1975. I learned how to drink there too. I learned all my vices from school. College opened up even more to me but let’s focus on the pot, reefers, smoke, ganja or weed.

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