On Ditching Facebook

funny, was thinking the same thing. facebook and the cake



I have officially, majestically, magically, unceremoniously (well, okay, there was a little bit of ceremony) cut Facebook from my life.

Okay…so maybe I kept my fan page, but that’s strictly business.  It’s smart to keep the fan page dang it!

But…drumroll…I deleted by personal Facebook account.  Not just deactivated, not just sit there and see how long it took before I was back on the good old FB, I up and detonated its ass.  And that’s not all.  I got rid of my Instagram AND my Twitter, which, to be fair, I never used, so it was like I never had a Twitter account anyway.

Now, my heart did skip several beats as I hovered over the fateful button.  I wasn’t going to have the same easy, effortless access to the hundreds of people attached to my account.  I wasn’t going to be able to communicate as quickly, and I…

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