Stoned Musings

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

An idea for a post fell out of the sky this morning and landed at my feet.imagesblock3

It didn’t move….

I looked at it for a minute, waiting to see if it would live.

When it didn’t move I bumped it with my foot…

It moved.

Good, it was still alive.

It’s not every day that a good post idea falls out of the sky.

[Scene] New Albany, Mississippi Pilot Truck Stop: Coffee Island

[Players in this scene]

Lady Barista, Trucker that looks like Bob Marley (We’ll call him “Rasta”) and Me.


Lady Barista: “If you guys need anything, just ask”

[Me stirring coffee, Rasta adding creamer]

Me: “What’s the meaning of life?”

Lady Barista: [giggles] “Be happy”

[Scene….Morning……before coffee…..Happiness does not exist on this plane of reality before 6 am]

Me: “No…I’m happy all the time, that’s not it”

Rasta: [laughs]

Lady Barista: [giggles] “You’re not happy this…

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