Hello World. Remember Us?

keep waxing philosophical. I say hello to everyone I am approaching. Surprisingly, some say hello back!

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

I don’t want to talk about sad stuff…..download (84)

It bums me out dude, or dudette.

I don’t want to expound on my past history, things that are happening around the world and here at home.

Not only am I ill qualified to speak on politics, religion, foreign policies of the US or other countries in relation to the US, social and racial platforms and/or most anything that stirs the soul of the typical Homo Sapiens that lives to wrap themselves in the quadratic cess-pots of fear-mongering;

I really don’t care.

I guess I must only care about what I think i can have an effect on….

Is that bad…?

I don’t mean “Not care” in the sense of the homeless, starving, unemployed, abused, addicted, soldiers that are in harm’s way and such et cetera and so on…

Sometimes I care too much, but what can I do?

Sometimes I actually…

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