Helpful hints for new poets

as I have said. Write short.

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So, you are a poet. You know this because cryptic, symbolic, and interesting language seems to tap out of your fingers. It impresses your friends, bores your family, but you are hooked. You want to make more and to become better at it.
“How do I improve my poem?” You wonder.

Critique is helpful, sometimes only to shake your head at. It is easy for a reader or teacher or colleague to suggest revision, but how do you do it? It is like that infernal commentary “You have to get out of your box, leave your comfort zone.”
You aren’t afraid of hard work nor are you opposed to revision, it is just that getting started is hard. How do we leave our boxes?

First, write your poem or type it, get the entire thing out of your head where you can look at it. Then copy and paste it…

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