Day 439: Bonds

mentions my heroine, Dorothy Parker. Hooray! I thought everyone who’d read her was dead.

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday’s post ended with a bond.  James Bond.

There are many different types of Bonds, aren’t there?


(I found that image here.)

THIS post, however, is about Interpersonal Bonds, which I observed, last night, forming in a room.

While regular readers of this blog might imagine those bonds forming among people in a  group therapy room, they were actually created …

… at a restaurant.

Here’s what happened.

Last night, Michael and I went out to dinner, at a restaurant I like very much. We had to wait, a little while, for a table.

Once they seated us, our relief quickly turned to other feelings, because the people sitting next to us were loud. REALLY loud.

To use two words from yesterday’s post — Double O — one person, especially, seemed obstreperous and obnoxious.

And I noticed many people bonding, because of this.  Michael and I immediately bonded with our…

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