Being Grown Up Sucks

this guy is falling-fucking-down funny

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

When I was a kid, growing up on a pig farm in South Georgia, our ‘farm’ and home were surrounded by big fields of peanuts, corn, Imagesilage and soybeans.

After a good rain, we kids of the white trash persuasion and a few children of darker hue would head out into the fields and look for rain water that would pool up in certain low spots of these fields and go swimming.

Not only were some of these pools 3’ to 4’ deep, but they would also have a slimy purple, pink, gold and silver sheen to them…..

Insecticide….Pesticide….fertilizer….chemical and anal….(Horse poop goofy)

We didn’t know that then….We just thought it made the water pretty.

We’d swim in it all day!

We got it in our eyes… our noses….spit it at each other, probably had pee in it too.

Tusslin’ and fightin’, playin’ Civil War or Indians….Pushing each other down…

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