Zestful from my friend in North Cyprus.



I was talking about my life yesterday, since it’s coming up to twenty years since I got fibromyalgia and a damaged spine, and I commented that – despite the challenges – I’d managed to lead a zestful life.

Then I was reminded of a section in Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” which I re-read recently, and how she was trying to work out what word described herself.

I know I’m a fully paid-up member of the Awkward Squad, I’m eccentric, I’m unconventional and I can drive people quite around the twist because I’m stubborn and opinionated. And yes, I’ve had some ups and downs in life, but I’ve always enjoyed life and gone at it full tilt.

So the light went off in my head – yes, my word is “zestful”.

The next question is, of course …… what’s your word?

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Oh, Well….

Read this guy–funny, profane, godly sometimes–always thinking while driving truck


My stats suck.

I guess I’m not doing it for the fame, though.

I started my blog as a therapy tool and it’s fun when people take the time to visit or comment.

But, it seems like here recently, most of my visitors are web-bots and scammers….

I know I’ve been writing about religion a lot lately but, I can’t help it. I’ll be 52 this year and I’m feeling my mortality and my morality.

I’m sure it’s a stage everyone goes thru; I’m just glad it doesn’t involve hot flashes.

I’m just glad I get visitors when I do and I appreciate y’all spending whatever time you can with my little blog.

Thx, Trey

p.s #ReblogsRock

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Ten by ten

I just entered a 10 x 10 art sale at View Arts, Old Forge, NY. This is where part of my heart will always live. When I was a kid I helped Mirnie Kashiwa and friends hang the first of many annual art shows at what would become the Central Adirondack Art Gallery, hosting shows after shows until it gained national prestige.

This month, a fundraiser called 10 by 10 is being held there. We artists send paintings measuring ten by ten inches and View Arts (new name) sells them for a hundred smackers. We artists accept $50 and donate the other $50 to View Arts. I am delighted to have sent six little guys. Please make a trek to Old Forge in May and scoop up a few. Many thanks.

I sign Keim now, having almost divorced the St. Louis part. Look for me, please?

Joy of the figure

A week ago I had the immense pleasure of attending a weekly live model drawing session near me in Orlando. Above is the last of 15 drawings in two hours. Practice, practice practice. I was rusty but like this last one. Five-minute ink drawing.

This is the same pose but 20 minutes, next to last drawing before I wore out. I love the extreme foreshortening the pose required.

These next three were finding my way. Just below is just a quick gesture sketch. Below it are one with some color and one with the torso made too long, but I like the expression on the lively young model’s face.

Air show redux

Here are some pics from the air show, Sun n’ Fun, in Lakeland, Florida. Unique to me is the range of true airplane zealots I met. Ages range to ancient from young and hopping. And hoping. The first photo is me ready for my first flight in a light sport plane. I’m in love.

Next is my long morning shadow, inspired by my friend, Bro Brian Zampier (ABZ)

The third on is the wonderful man who rescued me from NY and abuse. He’s in love with this neon green beaut.


Sun n’ Fun, new to me

Something entirely new and foreign happened to me this week. I found myself at an enormous (10,000 people) fly-in at the Lakeland County, FL airport. Met home-built pilots, vintage plane pilots, lots and lots of veterans of three or four wars, young soldiers, Royal Air Force cadets from Canada. All had everything from teeny teeny planes to enormous jets. All were airplane zealots (junkies). And everyone was happy talk with me and anyone who listened.

It was a friendly, laid-back group, no thievery among pilots. Saw aerial acrobatics, blue Angels, precision teams and more. There is airplane noise from about 6 a.m. To long past dark. Yup, ready for some quiet. Laughed till my jaws ached. We camped in an live oak grove of trees with a mixture of tents, motor coaches, pull-behind campers. Showers nearby. All of the comforts of home.

I hitched my first ride and will post pix next week when we have wifi again. Thanks for reading.

The newly-minted airplane junkie.

Life is weird

And then you die. I am actually better than I sound.Have escaped an abusive marriage, in process.

I saw my first Gulf sunset. One off my bucket list.

Next, airplanes and drawing. The colors where I live are remarkable. Blues, reds, roses, peaches, apples and cherry trees in bloom, flowers I haven’t even learned yet. I have painted some while recovering. Thanks to everyone who has hung with me.


My excuse: Luther

We rescued this handsome guy from a high-kill shelter. He turns out to be a purebred smooth-coated 

St. Bernard. He was five months old and starving, having been locked in a car when he was found. From 57 ponds, he is about 80 ponds now at almost seven months. Big baby.


Cannabis Bundt Cake


Things are a little crazy right now. Finals are approaching and I have been incredibly focused on my research paper. However that does not mean that I am going to leave you without something cannabis related. I have made a new cannabis dish.

This one is super easy to make. Get your favorite cake mix or use the French vanilla flavor like I did. Follow the directions on the box for bunt cake except substitute butter for cannabis coconut oil or infused butter.


To make this cake even better you need to make your own frosting and of course infuse it with cannabis.

1/3 cup of Cannabis infused butter or oil

4 ½ cups conventioneers sugar

1 ½ TSP of vanilla extract

In a bowl beat butter or margarine until fluffy. Gradually add 2 cups of the confectioners’ sugar, beating well.

Slowly beat in the milk and vanilla…

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Bernie Sanders introduces bill to end federal ban on pot


Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation this week to end the federal prohibition on marijuana, going far beyond Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in his acceptance of the drug.

The bill – called the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act – would remove marijuana from the federal list of Schedule I drugs, defined by the Drug Enforcement Agency as the “most dangerous” substances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Although states would still be allowed to ban the drug, other states that have legalized it would face no barriers from the federal government.

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have all made the drug legal for recreational use.


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Luther is the reason 

That I have not been writing. We figured out that our accidental (hah) meeting with the puppy which had been closed in a car somewhere around Syracuse. Don’t want to know any more than the police report.


Here’s Luther, six months old purebred Saint Bernard. Saving us he knew he would.



Okay, I will write out loud that we are without a penny, due to unfortunate timing, mental illness, a car leased that we could not afford by my beloved, sick spouse.
He refuses meds now and I don’t know what’s gonna happen.
I am not wont to beg. Writing this makes me cry. I have many gorgeous (said humbly) paintings to sell. They range from postcard-size to full sheets. Twenty dollars up to $1000. Nevermins

A gift for James on his 50th birthday — a home

Brought tears, it did

Irish Investigations

James Williamson at his 50th birthday party. Photo by Michelle Gabel. After years of living on the streets, James gets the keys to his own apartment the day after he turns 50. Photo by Michelle Gabel.

A few weeks ago I asked my homeless friend James what he thought about his upcoming 50th birthday.

“It’s just another day,” he said as he sorted returnable bottles and cans before taking them to the redemption center. “Just another day.”

James couldn’t have been more wrong. He turned 50 today; tomorrow he gets the keys to his own apartment. If there’s a better birthday present, I’d like to see it.

Thanks to the efforts of a variety of people who know and admire him, James is finally off the streets — where he’s been for more than half his life.

Today, James’ friends and supporters helped him celebrate his 50th and the beginning of a new chapter. The mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner, attended…

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Crazy time

Not us, just very busy with having money, not.

Our life is back with us as a couple again! Anyone who has been reading me knows.

Here’s Tuesday, sat outside under an umbrella and did three quartersheet watercolors. Here’s one: copyright me, as always. Don’t steal. Yes, for sale. Two hundred fifty as is.

Happy Thursday!


Welcome to the Bowling Season, Everybody, Now!

Funny guy. My best funny name is Dr. Sleeper, an anesthesiologist

The Blog of Funny Names

Yes, I’m among the throng who got back to the lanes last week. A card-carrying member of the USBC, for which I pulled an extra $20 out of my pocket for the honor. And, yes, I do consider this a sport. Not the way I perform it, perhaps, with my average that ended at 163, near the bottom of my 12-team league last year. Also, I do not own a button-down bowling shirt of the kind you see if you’ve stopped on a bowling tournament on TV.

Tastes best from a brown bottle, said Chris Schenkel.  (Photo from Wiki page) Tastes best from a brown bottle, said Chris Schenkel. (Photo from Wiki page)

Which I did every week as a kid, with my parents, watching guys named Earl Anthony and Johnny Petraglia and Dick Weber rolling strike after strike. No, those aren’t funny names. The announcer on ABC, though, was Chris Schenkel, and he also used to make a commercial that merely supported…

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The English Professor at Large

Where are the snows of yesteryear?  Where are the ethics of yesteryear? Where are the politicians of yesteryear?

Where is the dignity of FDR?

Where is the straight-forwardness of Truman?

Where is the intelligence of JFK?

Where is the charisma of Reagan?

(I’m giving both sides a voice).

What we seem to have now is  Who is King of the Hill?  Who can pee further? Whose are largest? little boy games.  And at the head of the slide on the playground is Billionaire Bully, the Ugly American. self-appointed emperor with no clothes.

Where is the common sense, let’s speak  rationally, let’s negotiate, let’s listen to the people and find ways to better the situation without resorting to mud pies, insults, and temper tantrums?

This our country and human beings at stake, not the playthings of Congress and all politicians.

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Wednesday hot, humid, cool all one day

And we picked today to make stuffed peppers. Anyway, fan(s) here is another painting which I hope you will want to buy. Blatant sales pitch.

Here’s my selfie. I learned what a selfie was purely by accident on G+. Saw a group called selfies and posted this. All kinds of people said ‘how did you do this?’ Now I know what I painted. Hee hee.



And from out of nowhere

I’m back. We have been doing real estate stuff, trying to stave of the wolves. Today’s featured painting is from the one-me show at the Y in Fayetteville, NY. This one is going to Tacoma, WA where a librarian—30 years my friend—lives. Beverly Choltco-Devlin hauled most of of our little neighborhood into the 21st century, the Internet.


Canna-Coffee Creamer

Great info here


If you are like me you love your coffee. For me I have a cup of coffee in my hand until around noon everyday. But what if you wanted add Cannabis to your coffee; how would you do that?

First you are going to make cannabis heavy cream and it is easy to make as well.

What you need:

1 cup heavy cream
4 grams of ground cannabis

Step 1 Decarb cannabis (240F one hour).

Step 2 Bring cream to boil and add cannabis.

Step 3 Reduce to simmer after cannabis is added. Stir often for 1 hour.

Step 4 Strain through cheese cloth into a jar.


Refrigerate cream and it is good till expiration date on carton of your cream.

Add 1-2 Tablespoons to your coffee
(I also add a little bit of regular creamer as well)

IMG_20141216_045414189 (2)2 cups over the course of an hour with 1 tablespoon of…

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Medical Cannabis Travel Bag


What do you do when you are a medical cannabis patient and you need to travel with your medication? My solution is to create a inconspicuous travel medicine bag and the essentials to bring with you to make your life easier.

This is a old bag I made many years ago that works perfect to hold all the essential supplies needed for a medical cannabis patient.

Inside your bag you are going to want a myriad of supplies and I will go over all of them with you.
First you are going to want a couple of options to smoke your medicine. If you only bring one way and that breaks or you run out of papers your up the creek without anyway of taking your medicine. Also I recommend getting one of the padded  carbon lined travel cases for glass pipes; it reduces smell and protects your pipe.


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